The creation and motivation behind the designing of THE QUIRK originated because of my dissatisfaction with the range of, and the predictability of the salon furniture available at the time; the furnishing of the salon Courtney in UK, required a much more creative solution to anything that was on offer. From the outset The Quirk sets out to be original in every way; from the materials we used in its construction, through to a re-think of the myriad of standard chair bases available, all of which looked to  be nothing more than a crossover from office furniture.
The materials we chose to work with were unique as a combination for any chair. Concrete, Metal, Glass and Wood. The base that houses a foot driven hydraulic, is a solid concrete half dome with a beautifully smooth and polished surface. The frame of the chair is wood of various kinds, (Ash, American Oak, etc) and had been designed to allow the Coach Screws, that held the leg and footrest in place, to remain visible inside of the glass.
We continued with the industrial look and feel by choosing to use industrial chequer plate as the top surface of the footplate. The original prototype had a Glass seat and back, and although safe we found some clients were unsure about the glass seating, so, finally after a wealth of feedback we finally settled for the option of leather inserts; designed to be as less intrusive as possible, and settling for a seat-filling of thin reconstituted foam covered in leather, this allowed us to keep a slim unimposing profile to the seat and backrest; its the same type of foam that’s used in the making of saddles, comfortable but excellent at keeping its form. This unique combination of materials and the beautifully crafted workmanship made for an entirely unique, original and exciting looking chair – there was simply nothing else like it. There is another chair in the pipeline, for anyone interested in investing in the prototype, the intention is to produce this chair capable to be produced in viable numbers and at the same time produce something as creative and as original and beautiful as the Quirk.
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